Tuesday, October 21, 2008

St. Mary's: Lab 4 thoughts

In reflecting back on some of our visits to St. Mary's there have been some challenges and difficulties. From a peer perspective it always takes time to get to know our classmates. It has been great working with the FAB 5 so far but we are still not as instinctive as we should be in working together. This has developed over the short time we have been together but I feel by the time we get comfortable our experience will be over.
Another challenge has been understanding the dynamics that go into working with pre-K aged children. We have all learned that our activities need to be brief in set up while still capturing their attention. Other ideas that may help with overcoming the challenges that we have faced would consist of more brainstorming on ideas within our group as well as utilizing the resources we have (teacher assistants, Dr. Yang, friends and family at home).

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