Monday, December 8, 2008

St. Mary's Lab 2

1. Observe the St. Mary’s student(s) as they participate in the activities. Describe the variability of the movement patterns you observed in your students. Be sure to note with whom you worked , what grade they were in, and any differences in age, gender, or ability.
Today we assessed St. Mary’s students performing the run, gallop, and hop. I observed five year olds Brittany and Jason. After observing them in activities set up by our co-students I found little difference in the motor skills from a gender and ability perspective. It appeared that each had similar abilities that were performed below the mature level.

2. Describe the effective “teaching strategies” that you observed. What were they and on whom did you use them? How were they used? What was the effect? Were there any strategies that were more effective than others? If so, why?
It was hard to initially analyze the students as the activity that was set up required the St. Mary’s students to perform movements with their hand(s) elevated above their heads. I could effectively determine lower body movements but the use of the arms became irrelevant in the initial activity. I thought that our co-students did a very good job in getting all of the students involved for a long period of time. This I feel was due to their energy in setting up the activity as well as the interest the St. Mary’s students had in the activity to be performed. Later on I witnessed an activity where the St. Mary’s children were actually taking part in leading the activity which also generated interest from those participating.

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